Design lab 9: Developing features

Thursday, 30 March 2017

For today I would like you to think about one feature for our GNURadio-based project and describe it in an issue on GitHub in the repository where you are primarily working. Be responsive to the following:

  1. What does this feature afford users?
  2. What are its constraints and how do they help or hinder users?
  3. How does the feature signify its affordance or how to use it to users?
  4. What conventions does this feature either respond to, incorporate, or reject, either in the context of interface design generally or GNURadio specifically?
  5. How will you go about arguing for the inclusion of this feature?

Get creative with this, but make it a very, very specific feature, rather than a general one. You can upload pictures, code snippets, or anything else you want along with the issue.

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