Design Lab 1: Collaboration

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Assigned reading

Elliott Hauser is CEO of Trinket, a Royster fellow, SILS PhD student and MSIS alumnus. He has taught Programming for Information Professionals (INLS 560) and Tools for Information Literacy (INLS 161) at SILS. Elliott is a strong advocate for enabling students in any discipling to learn to code with as few barriers as possible.

Git - The Simple Guide (PDF) (WEB)

Hello World - GitHub Guides

The Ultimate Guide to Using Slack for Team Communication - The Huffington Post

How to revolutionize your team communication with Slack - WP Curve

Today we will have a crash course in using Git, GitHub, and Slack for collaboration. Elliott Hauser will join us to help get us up and running on GitHub and share insights about collaboration from his experience working on Trinket and integrating GitHub into his teaching practice. I recommend that you look over the above tutorials and cheat sheets before coming to class.

We may also talk about downloading and running Kali Linux either in VirtualBox, from a live disk, or natively (if you are really adventurous) if we have time. It is more likely that we will get to this next week.

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