Operating systems (Linux)


UNIX is a general purpose operating system originally developed in the 1970s by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs. Its utility and wide use has given rise to a number of clones—operating systems that are functionally identical.

FOSSWire UNIX Command Reference

Linux (Kali)

Linux is one such UNIX clone originally invented in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. It is now among the most widely used operating systems in the world. If you have used the Internet, you have interacted with Linux perhaps without even realizing it. We are using Kali Linux in this course because it is easy to install/run in either a virtual machine or on a live disk and has all of the software packages we need.

The Linux Command Line - William E. Shotts, Jr.

The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide

Bash (UNIX shell)

Bash is the name of the shell and command language that we use most frequently in Linux and other UNIX clones. It is a text-interface command line envrionment but it can also read commands from files in the form of scripts.

Learning the shell - William E. Shotts, Jr.

Writing shell scripts - William E. Shotts, Jr.

Working with CSVs on the Command Line - Brian Connelly

VIM (UNIX text editor)

VIM is a text-only, command-based text editor that is meant to be used when no graphical user environment is available. When making commits in git, if you forget to add a message in the command, this is the editor that pops up automatically. It is good to know this and other text editors just in case you are using a Linux system that only has a command line interface.

VIM Cheat Sheet - Richard Torruellas

VIM Quick Reference Card - Laurent Gregoire

APT (Advanced Packaging Tool)

APT is the Advanced Packaging Tool which maintains, downloads, updates, and installs software repositories and packages on Ubuntu Linux. It is originally part of Debian Linux. APT-get is the primary command-line tool that is used to interface with the package management system.

15 Examples of How to Use New Advanced Package Tool (APT) in Ubuntu/Debian

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